Who am I ?
I am an approved driving instructor (ADI) offering tailored driving lessons specific to your needs.

I am based near Brandon, DVSA registered, and can pick up pupils in Brandon, Thetford, Lakenheath and the surrounding area.

I began teaching in Summer 2011.

My Cars

I teach AUTOMATIC in a VW Polo 1.0TSI DSG (Petrol)

and MANUAL in a VW Polo 1.0 BMT (Petrol)

Who do I teach ? 

I am experienced at teaching at all levels;

• Lessons for the complete novice, getting behind the wheel for the very first time,
• The experienced learner who has already had a number of lessons,
• Full licence holders that want to top up on their skills and confidence.

My lessons are unique for each individual being taught at a pace that suits them.

Lasting 2 hours with no car sharing.
Lessons are calm and patient putting even the most nervous pupil at ease.
In addition I also offer;

• Hazard perception and theory test, help, advice and preparation,

• Refresher and Motorway driving lessons.
I will teach you skills for safe driving for life.

To book a lesson or you have any queries, please









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Text or Call: 07563056877 . Email:PaulWilsonADI@gmail.com